A mission control centre for advanced engineering teams.

We build software to help advanced engineering teams communicate, collaborate, and better utilise their technical knowledge.

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Nick McCleery

Founder & CEO

Nick is a multidisciplinary mechanical/software engineer, and an IMechE award winning graduate of the Mechanical Engineering programme at Queen's University Belfast. His professional experience as an engineer spans seven Formula One seasons, from 2012 through 2018, and encompasses naturally aspirated and turbocharged hybrid powertrain development, vehicle dynamics, and race strategy. He was part of the 2014 and 2015 F1 World Championship winning Mercedes teams, and also helped Force India achieve its two best championship positions since its 3rd place finish of 1999, when in Jordan guise. After leaving motorsport, Nick held senior roles in digital signal processing and quantitative finance.

Motivated by his experience of the design and development processes in place at some of the world's most advanced engineering teams, and by modern DevOps practices, Nick founded Anneal in late 2020, committing full-time to the company in January 2021.

Advisory Board


Dr. Alan Kennedy

Founder & CEO, PulseAI

Alan is a biomedical engineer by training, and holds a PhD in the application of deep learning for the diagnosis of medical conditions. His research is internationally renowned, and he has received awards from both the Institute of Engineering and Technology and the International Society of Computerized Electrocardiology.

Prior to founding PulseAI, Alan also worked as a Research Scientist at Philips Healthcare, specialising in the development of machine learning based methods for cancer detection. Alan’s expertise in developing and deploying complex AI driven systems makes him ideally placed to provide guidance on AI and data strategy.


Peter Doggart

CTO, PulseAI

A Computer Systems Engineering graduate, Pete's academic excellence led him to receive numerous scholarships and awards, recognising outstanding performance in engineering and engineering mathematics, for achieving the highest grades of any student of an IET accredited programme, and for being the best performing student from all disciplines in his graduating year.

As a professional engineer, his experience includes several years working within the research group at Jaguar Land Rover, developing next generation V2X communication systems, and working in conjunction with advanced driver assistance and autonomous vehicle teams. It also includes senior and executive roles in biometrics and ECG diagnostics. Pete's broad expertise makes him well placed to advise on both automotive working practices and machine learning.

By engineers, for engineers.

Anneal's objective is to help engineers operate more effectively. We do this by making sure they can stay focused on what they do best: engineering.
We want to reduce the non-technical, bureaucratic workload engineers are subject to, automate or eliminate frustrating processes, and help guide engineers towards the relevant technical information that they need throughout the product development cycle.
By saving engineers time, shielding them from frustration, and ensuring prior learning is effectively put to use, we aim to help engineering businesses shorten development cycles, minimise knowledge loss, and, ultimately, build better products.
Our collaborative product development tool is tailored to the needs of advanced, multidisciplinary engineering teams. As an engineer-focused platform, it places emphasis on ease-of-use, painless communication and collaboration, and effective retention and deployment of technical knowledge.

Painless communication.
Natural collaboration.

With integrated task and fault management systems, and hardware engineering focused digital review tools, Anneal's engineer-first interface ensures that engineers can easily collaborate across teams, disciplines, and projects.


Systematic knowledge capture.
Automated insight.

Anneal systematically captures and categorises technical knowledge. Our knowledge graph system then allows for your engineers to be automatically presented with information relevant to their current task - all derived from your company's internal knowledge base.


Best practice.
By default.

Anneal lets you apply systematic enforcement of your team's peer review policies. Block the release of unreviewed calculations, concepts, or components - and ensure that all recommendations have been addressed before a work item can progress.

Product Principles

Clear language.

Using agile jargon doesn't actually make your team better at anything, and clear language keeps everyone on the same page. So, in our world, a project is a project, a task is a task, a fault is a fault. No sprints, no scrums, no stories.

Engineers first.

Our platform is designed to improve the working lives of engineers. As a result, we focus on what's best for improving the experience of engineers, and improving engineering productivity.

We know that using engineering software is usually like pulling teeth - but we care about user experience. If a feature you use a lot takes too many clicks, please tell us; we're on your side.

Opinionated is good.

We have a specialised area of focus, so we believe our software should be specialised too. By building a product that doesn't even aim to cater to the workflows of every Tom, Dick, and Harry, we can do a better job of helping the people we do care about.

We want to be a torque wrench, not a sloppy adjustable spanner.

You can't grep dead trees.

There is valuable, performance differentiating IP contained in marked-up engineering drawings, calculation sheets, and technical reports. Working on paper means that this data is routinely routed to the design office shredder.

Our digital review tools let you capture that knowledge and put it to use.

Single source of truth.

Please, please, please, we implore you, don't distribute component parameters, technical reports, and test results by e-mail. Not only are you leaving new hires wholly dependent on someone finding the time to comb through their inbox and forward on all the relevant messages, you're also exposing yourself to accidentally picking up that deprecated 'V1' calculation sheet, when Brian forgot about SIN working in radians again.

The better way? A centralised, accessible, readily interrogable repository of internal technical knowledge, with clear version histories: a single source of truth.

The value proposition?

Build better products, faster.

Our product is still under construction, but we are seeking pilot programme partners from the motorsport, automotive, and aerospace sectors.

If you think your team would be a good fit, please contact us.

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